PESARO – The pilots market is starting to move  in an important way and from the last race of the World Championship, which took place in Greece, Teams and pilots are all agitated, The pilots in search of a good accommodation for the next season, and the Teams searching for a pilot that can better the results obtained up till now.

As is now known the TM Racing  always aims on continuity, if it speaks of pilots or any other element that goes round  its own orbit , and this philosophy is paying off, because from year to year the improvements have been seen.

This has also been understood by the pilots of the Team Factory Enduro and  Aigar Leok is the lightening proof, with the sealed contract of these last  few days, he takes himself to his sixth season with the TM family.

The young Finish man Eero Remes , the last to arrive to take part of the TM and who, this year, has taken the little one EN 250 F1  Factory of the TM house to the podium. He also has decided to renew his contract with the TM family, not only for one year but for two.

It is therefore, with great enthusiasm, that the TM Racing announce the double renewal and wish all the team, captained by Luca Cherubini, is a big “ break a leg” for the next season.

Come on Guys “ Never Give Up “

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